Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hellooo, it's been a while didn't update my freaking blog~ huh! finally have the motivation to blog what i've been up to..
and, i read some of my post and i was like.....
why would I post something like that! all piece of shit! and immature!ugh!

well,stop with the "Oh God Why" thing, i signed up a Flight Attendant Preparatory course at Inter-excel in March..well, it went well i guess, i thought i signed up for 3 months course, but i went about 6 months already! OMG! every Sat & Sun taking BMW to the class, FYI BMW refer to Bus, Monorail, Walk (learnt from one of my fav. trainer in inter-excel XD)
*a picture of me and my course mate! Tyan the 38 po!
I have to wear formal every class, and heels, and i walk a lot! my legs are freaking hurt! but worth it, i did improve my self in some people skills and some business talking?? i guess, One of my batch course mate got selected by Silkair! i'm so proud of her!
                                                    meet her! Suki Tan! our pride!!! :D

OH, and i chopped my hair, as i decided to go to NS in 10th Sept at Melaka..phew, not sure is it the fun place, anyway, my ex-class mate got selected to the same place too! ha! excited!
Aaaaaaand i bought two hamsters, Monster and Muffin, they are getting fat! and the fatter they get, the cuter they are! but i'm still kinda scare to hold them, they bite! and it's painful..>_<
Too much thing go on my mind to post, so i'll make it to some "portion" so i have something to post next time!
I'm looking forward to my next motivation to blog more~~~